Notepads for women who forget!


One day while I was racing
down the aisle in my neighborhood
Card & Gift shop, I suddenly forgot
why I was there! That’s when
“memopause®” came to me in a flash
(not a hot one!). I knew immediately
that it was the perfect name for a
line of notepads for women like me,
who forget!

My friends and I, who are active
and busy women, are increasingly
finding ourselves saying “I should
have written that down.” So I’ve
created this line of notepads in 3
sizes to meet all of our needs. They
can be stuck on the refrigerator,
kept on a desk or carried in a
handbag so they’re always around
to take a “memopause®” and write
it down! The design is contemporary
and goes well with any decor.

So start writing and stop forgetting!

Set of (3) 50-page Notepads:

3” x 9” with magnet for refrigerator 4” x 6” sticky note pad for purse
6” x 9” notepad for desk

Packaged in an attractive, reusable, clear plastic string & button closure envelope

For wholesale ordering and information contact:

Guven Design
New York, NY 10017 212.286.9457


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